by Giuseppe Bino, Cantina Amastuola’s wine expert.

No wine is ever the same whether in time or place, but is a fruit of our labours, born of a thousand different parameters. We wanted to make our wine however distinct, to give it a trait, a face which says to all who drink it, “this is Amastuola”.
Our wines truly reflect the territory where they were born, the climate, the soil and the culture and the perfect ripeness of the grapes. Each year is a subtly different story from the previous one, as variable for each vintage as is the climate.
The expert oenologist interprets the changes without the use of recipes and fixed protocols. Everything has been studied and is applied on a case by case: observing the vines closely; applying the agricultural practices most suitable to them; hoping for mild weather; respecting the natural evolution of the winemaking process and putting all of our knowledge and our professionalism into complete dedication to this art.
Only these factors will guarantee the excellent quality that coincides with the uniqueness of Amastuola wines, characterised by its harmonic integration with nature and its raw drinkability.

If we were going to choose a father figure for our wine ‘family’, without a doubt it would be Centosassi. Centosassi is an magnificent Primitivo wine, a patient and gracious Gentleman waiting with calmness and serenity to evolve over time. To tell the truth, this story is his creation.
Being a Primitivo wine, its delicate grapes require meticulous care and attention from the vineyard thorugh the long and complex process to the cellar. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures and maceration is prolonged for several days even after the end of alcoholic fermentation. All these processes take place in the small conical Allier oak vats where the the grapes became wine, and allow the wine to age over a period of 15 months.
Élevage takes a further minimum of six months, these long and careful steps dictating the slow process that requires much time and patience to reach "Centosassi", a process however designed to enhance and preserve the wine’s unique character, which is maintained in the bottle for years to come.
Temporality is a qualifying factor for Amastuola Centosassi because it makes a promise: to be able to find a wine in ten or fifteen years, as fresh and as fragrant as it is bottled today, extoling the splendours of this unique wine.

We believe in young people
As always, every year we collaborate closely with the University of Udine and host at Amastuola a number of young students from all around Italy. These young minds from first or second year courses in Oenology come not just for the training value, but to obtain real ‘hands-on’ experience of working in a wine cellar.
We share pleasant times together as the students know about textbook winemaking but have not yet had the opportunity to directly experience the wine cellar and wine-making practices.
At the end of their time with us, like a perfect blend where each constituant part contributes to the quality of the whole, they gain a little of our art and experience, and we gain a little of their youthful exuberance and enthusiasm.

To the next harvest...
Giuseppe Bino