The architect talks about his personal project: The Amastuola Masseria.

When I started working on this project, Amastuola was like clay ready to be shaped despite the fact that it already holds hundreds of years of history. I quickly realised I was dealing with a ‘living’ being and would have to respect its original shape and spirit.
Here in Amastuola, my work comes from the deep desire to restore the Masseria to its former glory. When we first met, I was in immediate agreement with Peppino Montanaro; the aim was to give the most beautiful garden-vineyard in the world, its own Queen: the New Masseria Amastuola.
During reconstruction we used stone, iron and glass in accordance with Kikau Group’s strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. These materials are also the Montanaro family’s token of respect for the land, each element working in harmony with the environment, adding value to the architectural complexity without changing it in any way. Coming to Amastuola is like being part of something; the ambience immerses you in a setting characterised by olive trees, vineyards, wine culture and the natural beauty of this unique place.
Those who come here must surely believe that good living and a great respect for this ancient land are intertwined in an endless act of love.